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Council's Own Awards: Brownie Try-Its

nursing try-it


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Nursing Exploration

Complete 4 of 6. Girls and Troops from other councils are welcome to use these requirements and purchase the patch online.

Nursing is a profession that uses your intelligence, skill and love of people to make a difference in people’s lives. There may not enough nurses to go around in the next few years. Hospitals may not have enough nurses to give the best patient care possible. There is a great need for people to go into the nursing profession. As you earn this Try-It try to imagine yourself as a nurse. Perhaps you will decide that is the career for you.

Draw a picture or make a collage with pictures you cut out of magazines that show what you think nurses do and how they make a difference in people’s lives.

Look at pictures of Florence Nightingale and/or Clara Barton. How did nurses dress when they were alive? How do nurses dress today? Talk with a nurse, or have a nurse visit your troop meeting to talk about nursing today. Find out what she/he wears to work. Ask the nurse about different places nurses can work. Find out where she/he went to school to become a nurse. Ask what kind of subjects you should take in Junior High or High School to prepare to become a nurse.

Have a nurse visit your troop meeting and teach/show some of the “tools” nurses use (thermometer, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, air bag, IV bag, etc). Have the nurse explain what each piece of equipment does and how she/he might use each of them in a given day.

A major factor in spreading disease are those pesky little germs. We all have germs around us and on us every day but when we are around too many germs for too long we become sick. One way to help keep germs from spreading from person to person is to learn how to wash your hands properly. Read “Be a Germ Fighter” on page 50 of the Brownie Handbook. (Leader: Have one girl in the troop put glitter on her hands and then shake hands with three other girls, have those three then shake hands with the rest of the troop members. Let the troop observe how the glitter spread from person to person. Have everyone wash their hands and then look carefully to see if any glitter remains. Help the girls see how this is like germs spreading.)

Visit a nursing home, hospital, clinic or health care facility. Contact the appropriate person to set up a visit. Ask to see the types of equipment used by the staff. Have someone tell about the team of people and all the different jobs necessary to make the hospital, nursing home, or clinic run effectively (for example: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab and x-ray technicians, kitchen staff, housekeepers, security personnel).

Learn about hospitals or clinics that specialize in treating children. Have the troop leader find out what kind of project your troop could do for them. Some suggestions would be: Hold a toy drive and donate toys to the children’s hospital or clinic; Make special cards to be placed on the food trays (happy, cheerful cards that say “Hope you are feeling good today” or “We’re thinking about you today”. Girls are NOT to sign their individual names – use Girl Scout Troop number instead). Hold a book drive and donate appropriate books to the hospital or clinic.


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