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Council's Own Awards: Cadette / Senior Interest Projects

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Speaking in Sign

Complete 2 Skill Builders, 1 Technology, 1 Service Project, 1 Career Exploration and 2 from any category. 
Girls and Troops from other councils are welcome to use these requirements and purchase the patches through our Bay Shop.

Skill Builders:


Learn the finger spelling alphabet. Practice signing your name.


Learn to sign the Girls Scout Promise and the Pledge of Allegiance.


Learn a song in sign language.


Put on a short play that others are familiar with (like The 3 Bears) without talking. Use signs, gestures and mime.
See if your troop mates can guess what play you are doing.


Play Charades... see how well you can communicate non-verbally.


Try to have a conversation with a friend, without using your voice. Try to understand each other by reading lips.
Then try again using signs and gestures.


Watch a video featuring performers who are deaf and use sign language to communicate.


Learn about Deaf Culture. Learn about different styles of Sign Language.
Learn about other ways that people who are deaf can communicate with each other and with people who can hear.


Learn about the history of sign language.



Research different types of assistive technology and augmentative communication devices used by individuals who can’t hear and/or can’t talk.


Make a booklet or video of common signs.


Use the Internet to research ways to learn sign language.


Learn about the various hearing aids that are available. Visit a store that sells hearing aids and learn how they work.


Use the internet to research cochlear implants and how they might help some people with hearing impairments hear better.

Community Service:

Teach another group of scouts some signs. Teach them a song or the Girl Scout Promise.


Learn some to sign some songs and put on a concert for the community or nursing home.


Visit a school or camp program and teach other children some basic signs.


Volunteer at a school or camp program for children with disabilities.

Career Exploration:

Find out about careers such as Teacher of Hearing Impaired Students, Interpreter, or Interpreter/tutor. How do you become certified?
What kind of education do you need?


Use the internet to research assistive technology that is available to help individuals with hearing impairments to be independent in the work force.


Contact colleges or universities that have programs for deaf education and/or sign language interpretation. Find out more about the programs and what kind of career placement help they provide after completing the coursework.


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