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Girl Scout Lingo Book

Girl Scout Lingo

From the "Little Green Book of Girl Scout Lingo" Compiled by Lyn Gill, Jane Macario, Sue Rowe and Betsy Wenny of Service Unit 629.


A   B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I   J   K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S   T   U   V  W  X  Y  Z

ADIRONDACK A three-sided wooden shelter. The Chesapeake Bay Council sites have built-in bunk beds.

ADULT RECOGNITIONS Adult Recognition's are given to recognize volunteers over the age of 18 who have given service above and beyond the expectations for their position, either at the troop level, the Service Unit level or the Council level.

ADVANCED CAMPING An enrichment training course designed to help you learn the skills necessary to plan and implement a camping trip in a primitive setting.

AGE LEVEL CONSULTANT Service Team member(s) available to support leaders and give individual guidance on a continuing basis.

AGE LEVEL TRAINING Leaders' training focused on working with girls at a specific Girl Scout age level.

ANNUAL APPEAL A yearly request for funding from organizations, business and volunteers.

ANNUAL MEETING The yearly meeting a local Girl Scout council holds to elect its board of directors and conduct other business essential to Girl Scouting in its geographic area.

ASSOCIATION A geographic subdivision within the council jurisdiction, who's responsibility it is to submit proposals and advise on plans to the board of directors for improving the quality of Girl Scouting.

AUCTION (Service Unit 629 Lingo) An auction held at least twice a year during Service Unit Meetings, to use Service Unit 629 Bonus Bucks.

AUDITOR Service Team member responsible for ensuring the appropriate documentation of all Service Unit and Troop funds.

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BADEN-POWELL Lord and Lady Robert Baden-Powell were the founders of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guide movement for boys and girls.

BADGE Round embroidered award earned by Junior Girl Scouts.

BASIC LEADER TRAINING The minimal basic training required of every leader and provided by local Girl Scout councils.

BAY SHOP The council shop located in the Newark HQ and PRC in Salisbury, MD.

"BAY WINDOW" The council newsletter distributed 6 times a year to parents of registered scouts and volunteers.

BIRTH PLACE The Savannah, Georgia home of Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low the founder of Girl Scouts in the USA.

BLUE BOOK The Blue Book of Basic Documents contains official documents, policies and procedures of the Girl Scout organization.

BONUS BUCKS (Service Unit 629 Lingo) Play money designed each scouting year for use at Service Unit 629 auctions. They are good for one scouting year and only within the service unit.

BOX OVEN A foil lined cardboard box heated with charcoal and suitable for baking.

BOXING A TENT The re-tying of the ropes on a platform tent when breaking camp.

BRIDGING An activity that marks a girl moving from one age level in Girl Scouts to another age level.

BROWNIE RING A form of government for Brownie Girl Scouts.

BUDDY BURNER A heat source, usually made from a tuna or cat food can, often used for cooking on a vagabond stove. To learn to make one take Outdoor Adventure I or II.

BUDDY SYSTEM The safety practice that requires two or more girls to stay together during an activity.

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CAMP TODD A GSCB outdoor facility located in Denton, MD.

CHARCOAL CHIMNEY A tin can, used to start charcoal for cooking. Liquid fire starter is not allowed on council property. Take Outdoor Adventure I or II to learn how to make a charcoal chimney.

CAMPING APPLICATION Form to be filled out by troop leader to secure a council campsite or to inform Service Unit and Council of impending camping trip.

CEREMONIES An important part of Girl Scouting. Gatherings to mark special events, to honor our country, to move from one level in Girl Scouting to another, and to celebrate the sisterhood we share as Girl Scouts.

CHECKPOINTS Safety guidelines used in planning and conducting typical Girl Scout activities.

COOKIE CUPBOARD During the final portion of the cookie sale, this is the site where troops can pick up additional cookies for their "catch-up" orders and booth sales.

COOKIE MOM/DAD Term used for the troop cookie program manager. This person volunteers to organize the cookie program for the troop and keeps all necessary records.

COOKIE PROGRAM A Council sponsored money earning program for troops/groups.

COUNCIL CALENDAR A yearly publication of Chesapeake Bay Council, containing program and training dates for both girls and adults.

COUNTRY CENTER A GSCB outdoor facility located in Hockessin, DE.

COURT OF AWARDS The ceremony at which Girl Scouts receive insignia and try-its, badges or interest projects they have completed.

COURT OF HONOR A troop/group decision-making and planning body that represents all the members and is made up of Girl Scout patrol leaders and troop officers and leaders.

CSB The council office in the Community Services Building in Wilmington, at 100 West 10th Street, Suite 610, Wilmington, DE 19801. 

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DAISY The nickname of Juliette Low the founder of Girl Scouts in the USA.

DAISY'S TRUNK Contains a wide assortment of previously used Girl Scout handbooks and uniforms in addition to semaphore flags, "Kim's Game", "The Golden Eaglet" on video, and a resource booklet of information, crafts, games and activities focusing on the life and times of Juliette Gordon Low. Items are useful in completing Try-it, Badge, and Interest Patch requirements, Juliette Low Birthday and Girl Scout Week celebrations, and other programs focusing on women and Girl Scout history. For Juniors, Cadettes and Seniors there is a corresponding patch program. A lending fee and a signed loan form are required.

DAY CAMP A council-sponsored camp where the council provides the staff, facilities, and the site.

DCR Detailed Cash Record form, which must be filled out by each troop/group and turned in to the Service Unit by a specific date in late May or early June, set by the Service Unit. A DCR needs to be turned in at the end of every Girl Scout year.

DELEGATE Any registered Girl Scout 14 years of age or over, elected as a voting member of a local Girl Scout Council Corporation. A specific geographic area (or other unit established by the council board of directors) elects the delegates to represent it at the council's annual meeting. Delegates serve for a set term, which is defined in the council's bylaws. The board creates the formula for the number of delegates geographic areas can elect, which is usually based on the total number of girls a Service Unit registers through the council by a specific date.

DREAM BOX A place to store good ideas generated in Brownie Ring (such as collecting butterflies must wait until snow melts). When you need them you have a whole box of ideas.

DUNK BAG A mesh cloth bag with a drawstring, used to sterilize eating utensils when washing dishes.

DUTCH OVEN A Dutch oven is a must for delicious camp-out feasts. Just about anything you cook in a regular oven-pies, bread, stew-can be whipped up in a Dutch oven. The cast-iron pot cooks on hot charcoals in the site’s fire circle. 

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EDITH MACY CONFERENCE CENTER National Girl Scout training facility in New York State.

EMERGENCY CONTACT PERSON The person to call in an emergency or for guidance and advice.

EMBLEM Insignia that denotes Girl Scout membership at the national, council and troop level. 

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FALL SCHOOL A special fun filled training weekend for volunteers of GSCB.

FAMILY PARTNERSHIP (Families Supporting Girl Scouting)
The Family Partnership campaign increases adult generated funds, thereby decreasing the dependence on girl generated funds. A portion of each contribution, 10% is returned to the donor's Service Unit and 10% to the donor’s troop. For use in girl program and leader development.

FIELD TRIP APPLICATION A form to be filled out by the leader to inform the Service Unit and council of impending trip away from meeting place.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Available from Council to any newly formed troop in the form of Start-Up Funds. In addition, financial assistance is available to any registered individual girl, volunteer, or group of girls who wish to participate in a Girl Scout opportunity, but are unable to do so without financial assistance. Funds may also be available at the Service Unit level.

FIRE CIRCLE The space within which it is safe to build a fire.

FIRE STARTER A non-flammable method of starting a fire. (Take Outdoor Adventures I or II to learn how to make a fire starter).

FIRST-AIDER An adult who has taken local Girl Scout council-approved first-aid training from a nationally recognized organization.

FLAG CEREMONY A way of showing love and respect for our country. Ceremonies may be used for opening or closing meetings or special events, beginning or closing a day, honoring a special occasion or special person and retiring a worn flag.

FLY-UP The ceremony in which a Brownie receives her "wings" and becomes a Junior Girl Scout.

FOUNDER'S DAY Juliette Low's Birthday, October 31.

FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE A circle formed by Girl Scouts standing and clasping hands (before they reach for each other's hands, girls cross their right hand over their left). The circle represents the unbroken chain of friendship among Girl Scout and Girl Guides all over the world.

FRIENDSHIP SQUEEZE A hand squeeze that travels around a friendship circle from one person to another. 

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GIRL GUIDES The original name for Girl Scouts, still used in many countries.


GIRL SCOUT BRONZE AWARD The highest award in Girl Scouting earned by a Junior Girl Scout.

GIRL SCOUT LAW Girl Scouting, a values-based organization, uses two guiding principles - the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law. There are 10 parts to the Girl Scout Law.

GIRL SCOUT SABBATH The Saturday before March 12th.

GIRL SCOUT SIGN The official Girl Scout greeting. The right hand is raised shoulder high with three middle fingers extended and the thumb crossing over the palm to hold down the little finger.

GIRL SCOUT SILVER AWARD The highest award in Girl Scouting earned by a Cadette Girl Scout.

GIRL SCOUT SUNDAY The Sunday before March 12th.

GIRL SCOUT WEEK The week each year which includes the Girl Scout Birthday, March 12th.

GSCB The initials stand for Girl Scouts of Chesapeake Bay Council.

GSUSA Initials stand for Girl Scouts of the USA.

GOLD AWARD The highest award in Girl Scouting earned by a Senior Girl Scout.

GOLD AWARD ADVISOR A Gold Award Advisor is an adult who helps a girl who is working on the Gold Award. The Adult is not the girl's leader, but is more like a consultant who advises on the various steps needed to obtain the award and makes sure the project meets the criteria and time limits set up by GSUSA. This individual has taken training to be a Gold Award Advisor.

GOLD AWARD PROJECT A project that includes at least 50 hours of work, that addresses a need within the community, services people beyond Girl Scouting and has a discernible result that will continue on. MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY COUNCIL.

GORP Trail mix or hiking snack, often referred to as Good Old Raisins and Peanuts, because it is often made with raisins, peanuts, M&M’s, pretzels, mini-marshmallows and a cereal.

GROVE POINT A GSCB outdoor facility located in Earleville, MD. 

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INSIGNIA The umbrella term used to refer to all official items that girls may wear on the uniform.

INTEREST PROJECT AWARDS Rectangular embroidered award earned by Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts. (Formerly Interest Project Patches, IPP).

INVESTITURE A special ceremony in which a new member makes her Girl Scout Promise and receives her membership pin.

ISSUES FOR GIRL SCOUTS A series of booklets that addresses the contemporary needs and interests of girls. 

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JULIETTE LOW WORLD FRIENDSHIP FUND (JLWFF) A Girl Scouts of the USA-0perated fund that supports educational programs, service projects, training, and international travel to foster friendship among girls from the 140 countries of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

JULIETTE GORDON LOW The founder of Girl Scouts in the USA.

JUNGLE BREAKFAST A fun camp breakfast where the food is all hidden out-of-doors and has to be found by girls. (Do not hide the night before because of animals.) 

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KAPER CHART An organizational chart or list showing the jobs that have to be done for a particular activity and the names of who will carry out those jobs. 

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LATRINE A toilet in a camping unit, either pit or flush.

LEADER'S DAY A special day set aside to honor leaders, April 22.

LEADERS MAGAZINE A GSUSA publication for Adults in Girl Scouting.

LEADER MEETING (Service Unit Meeting) A monthly meeting of leaders, service team members and the Council Membership Specialists to share information and answer questions.

LEADER TREAT (Service Unit 629 Lingo) Something made by a troop for distribution at Service Unit Meetings – treats can be edible or non-edible, such as a craft.

LEARNING PETALS Awards earned by Daisy Girl Scouts for showing appreciation for one part of the Girl Scout Law.

LEADER IN TRAINING (LIT) A qualified Senior Girl Scout taking a Leader-in-Training course to learn group leadership skills. Also the name of the project the Leader-in-Training does to earn her title, which requires commitment to: 8 to 10 hours of instruction, 3 to 5 hours of troop/group observation, and an internship under a specially trained mentor leader. This project if for Senior Girl Scouts who enjoy ongoing work with girls.  

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MEMBERSHIP SPECIALIST A staff liaison between Council and the Service Units.

MINIMAL-IMPACT CAMPING Camping in which no trace of activities are left at the site. The physical landscape of the campsite is preserved, as well as the solitude and spirit of the wilderness. At an established site, minimal-impact camping means that the camper leaves the place cleaner than she found it and minimizes her impact on the Earth.

MISER BAG A pouch made from a bandana which is worn on a belt loop to carry small items. It is made by folding the bandana in half and sewing both ends and across the top about 5 inches, leaving a hole for putting small items in, secured with 2 curtain rings.

MOTTO "Be prepared"  

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NEWARK HEADQUARTERS The headquarters of GSCB located at 501 South College Avenue,
Newark, DE.

NOSEBAG A meal, which does not need cooking, is individual and carried in a bag, bandanna or tote. 

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ORGANIZER Service Team member responsible for organizing, maintaining, and extending Girl Scouting membership in an assigned geographic area (Service Unit).

OUR CABANA A program center located in Cuernavaca, Mexico owned by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

OUR CHALET A program center located in Adelboden, Switzerland owned by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES I OR II The training required to take your troop on an overnight camping trip.

OUTDOOR PROGRAM CONSULTANT Service Team position responsible for reviewing and reinforcing skills learned in troop camping course. Supports leaders as they provide outdoor/environmental education experiences for their troops/groups. This person must sign camping applications and trip forms.

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PARENT MEETING A meeting usually held at the beginning of the scout year to explain information about the troop to parents. Parent meetings can be held at anytime during the year to inform parents of upcoming trips or events, or product sales programs.

PARTICIPATION PATCHES AND PINS Supplementary insignia whose focus is participation, not prescribed requirements. These insignia are developed at the national, council or Service Unit level. They may only be worn on the back of vest or sash.

PATROL Small group of girls that plans and carries out activities within the troop/larger group. A widely used form of troop government where the troop divides into small groups.

PATROL LEADER Elected or appointed leader of a troop/group patrol.

PATROL SYSTEM A form of troop government composed of patrols and a Court of Honor. Junior, Cadette and Senior Girl Scout troops often use the patrol system.

PAX LODGE A program center owned by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Located at Olave Centre, the association's main office in London, England.

PLATFORM TENT A large tent erected on a platform at Chesapeake Bay Outdoor facilities contains 4 bunks with mattresses.

POLICY An established course of action that must be followed. Look for Girl Scout policies in current Blue Book of Basic Documents and in the accompanying Leader's Digest.

PRC Peninsula Resource Center, the GSCB office located at 911 Snow Hill Road, Salisbury, MD 21804.

PRODUCT SALES (council-sponsored) Council wide program activities in which troops/groups may sell authorized, tangible products, such as Girl Scout cookies or QSP magazine sales program.

PROGRAM AGE LEVEL (PAL) Girl Scouts are divided into five age levels: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes and Seniors - New - older girls have 3 levels, ages 11-13, ages 13-15, and ages 15-17.

PROGRAM AIDE Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts who have been trained to assist younger Girl Scout groups with songs, games, crafts, ceremonies of skills.

PROGRAM GOALS The four goals that, along with the Girl Scout Promise and Law, make up the framework of Girl Scout activities.
1. Developing self potential
2. Contributing to society
3. Relating to others
4. Developing values

PROGRAM STANDARD An established level of quality or achievement for measuring and judging a local Girl Scout council's performance in delivering the Girl Scout program to girls. Safety-wise, a publication available from some council shops. Contains the Program Standards. Each troop/group must have a copy.

PROMISE CENTER An award earned by Daisy Girl Scouts for understanding the Girl Scout Promise.

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QSP A council-sponsored fund raising opportunity for troops involving a magazine program.

QUIET SIGN The Girl Scout signal for silence in a group situation. The person in charge raises her/his right hand and the Girl Scouts present fall silent and raise their right hand. (Some make the Girl Scout sign with the raised hand). 

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RANGER Council staff responsible for maintaining the camps, also referred to as Site Supervisor.

RECRUITMENT A meeting for girls, parents and other adults interested in joining Girl Scouts. Sponsored by the Service Unit and Council, the goal of these meetings is to provide information and answer questions about the Girl Scout organization and programs. Usually held in Fall and Spring at buildings in the community, such as schools and churches.

REDEDICATION A formal troop/group ceremony in which Girl Scouts renew their commitment to the Girl Scout Promise.

RESIDENT CAMP A camping experience in which the campers live at an established site. Girls from different troop/groups sign up as individual campers and are placed in units. The girls and their counselors or leaders plan activities taking advantage of the resources available at the campsite. The Council sponsors resident camping and provides total staff, facilities, and site.

RELIGIOUS AND OTHER AWARDS Awards earned for completing requirements set by religious/other organizations or by Girl Scouts of the USA. 

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SAFETY CIRCLE, ARC OF SAFETY, SAFETY BUBBLE The space needed to use a knife safely. (Take Outdoor Adventure I or II to learn about a safety circle.)

A publication by Girl Scouts of the USA contains program safety standards.

SANDY PINES A GSCB outdoor facility located in Salisbury, MD.

SANGAM A program center located in Pune, India owned by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

SCOUTS OWN Girl-planned inspirational ceremony held in the troop/group or at camp. It is an opportunity for girls to express their feelings about Girl Scouting or a topic of their choosing, such as friendship, being courageous and strong, or acting mature. Girl Scouts’ Own is not a religious service.

SERVICE PROJECT A way for girls to carry out their promise to serve their country and help others. Often a project planned and carried out by a troop, or service unit, that is of benefit to another group within the community.

SERVICE UNIT (SU) GSCB is divided into these small units with boundaries, resources and troops for administrative purposes.

SERVICE UNIT ENCAMPMENT A camping weekend selected by the service unit team and made available to all troops/groups in the service unit to camp together.

SERVICE UNIT MANAGER (SUM) A Service Team member responsible for the development of volunteers and program resources in an assigned geographic area (service unit) in order to organize and maintain Girl Scouting.

SILVER AWARD PROJECT A project that includes at least 30 hours of work and is earned by Cadette Girl Scouts. Girls are encouraged, but not required to make their projects community based. Projects do not need pre-approval from Council, but must meet GSUSA guidelines.

SITE MONITOR A volunteer who acts as a camp administrator by checking troops into and out of camp and enforcing all Chesapeake Bay Council rules and regulations. Provides troop support as requested which may include programming, trading post and/or equipment rental.

SITE SUPERVISOR Council staff responsible for maintaining the camps, also referred to as a Ranger.

SIT-UPON A waterproof pad, mat or cushion, used for sitting on.

S’MORES The classic Girl Scout dessert or treat which is a graham cracker sandwich with a toasted marshmallow and square of chocolate inside…gooey and delicious and makes you want “some more”.

SLOGAN “Do a good turn daily”.

SWAPS “Special Whachamacalits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere”. Small items for trading at Girl Scout gatherings/events away from home.  

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TALKING SIGN When Brownies want to talk, they “make the Girl Scout sign” and place it down in front of them until the group leader recognizes them.

TRAVEL CAMPING Camping experience of three or more nights, carried out by a group of experienced girl campers and adult leaders that uses motorized transportation to move from one site to another. Transportation is normally by van, bus or automobile but may also be by airplane, boat or train, or by a combination of these vehicles.

TREFOIL The “official” Girl Scout emblem. The three leaves of the Trefoil represent the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise.

TRIP CAMPING A camping experience of three or more nights, planned and carried out by a group of experienced girl campers and adult leaders that travels from one site to another under its own power or by manually operated transportation –for example, by foot, bicycle, canoe, horse or sailboat.

TRIP LEADER An adult who accompanies a group on a trip involving activities such as camping, backpacking or canoeing. She or he possesses the knowledge, skills and experience (e.g., in outdoor leadership, trip planning, risk management, first aid, and supervision) required for the trip.

TROOP/GROUP CAMPING A camping experience of 24 or more consecutive hours planned and carried out by a Girl Scout troop/group with its leaders. Camping may be on council property or a site approved by the local Girl Scout Council.

TROOP/GROUP COMMITTEE Volunteers who provide assistance to the troop/group leader. Some of the responsibilities which a troop committee member could assist with are: telephoning, transportation, refreshments, special events, product sales, program support, financial support, registration, camping, religious awards, identification of future leadership.

TROOP GOVERNMENT A way to organize troops/groups to set goals and make decisions. Methods of governments are usually dependent upon the age level of the troop, it’s size, and the business it conducts. Common forms of troop government include the Daisy Circle, the Brownie Ring, and the Patrol System. Junior, Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts may also utilize an Executive Board or Town Meeting formats.

TROOP PROJECTION SHEET Troop Projection Sheet (form 411-AM, formerly Fly-up Sheet). A Service Unit tool in which leaders let the service unit know the status of their troop/group at the end of the scout year. Are they continuing, dropping out, or moving up in age level? This form also tells the Service Unit whether the Girl Scouts in the troop will stay in the troop, move to another troop or drop out.

TRY-IT Triangular embroidered awards for Brownie Girl Scouts earned by trying activities and projects.

TWILIGHT CAMP A version of the “Day Camp” that meets in the early evening, providing program for girls.  

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UNIT A small troop/group formed at a day camp or resident camp. Girls are assigned to a unit based on age or interest. Also a portion of a campsite designated as the living and working area for a group of campers.

UNIT HOUSE A covered and sometimes-screened shelter used by campers in a camping unit. Often containing picnic tables and a fireplace.

UNITED WAY FORM A summary of Troop/Group activities that relate to Girl Scout Program Goals or needs in the community. The information is forwarded to our local United Way.

USA GIRL SCOUTS OVERSEAS Girl Scouts of the USA’s overseas arm, which delivers the Girl Scout program to American girls and girls attending American or International schools outside the continental United States. Formerly called Troops On Foreign Soil (TOFS).  

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VAGABOND STOVE A tin can stove, which often uses a buddy burner as a heat source. (Take Outdoor Adventure I or II to learn to make a vagabond stove).

VOLUNTEER DIRECTED DAY CAMP A day camp directed and run by volunteers for a minimum of four consecutive days.

VOLUNTEER RESOURCE CENTER (VCR) The center is located in both council offices, Newark, DE and Salisbury, MD. Volunteers will find these centers stocked with Girl Scout resources and program equipment available for loan.  

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WAGGGS (WORLD ASSOCIATION OF GIRL GUIDES AND GIRL SCOUTS) An international educational association for girls with a membership of eight million.

WASH HOUSE A roofed shelter within a camping unit with water and often a sink for washing hands. Not for washing dishes.

WELCOME TO GIRL SCOUTING (Formerly, Panorama) This manual is to be used as a reference. Take it to all trainings you attend. It is intended to be a “working” manual and you are encouraged to update any information in it.

WIDE GAME A group of activities planned so those participants go from one station to another in a set period of time until activities are completed.

WIDER OPPORTUNITY An opportunity for older girls or adults to participate in experiences beyond the troop/group.

WORLD THINKING DAY (Formerly, Thinking Day) February 22nd, the birthday of both Lady Baden-Powell, Girl Scouting and Girl Guiding’s World Chief Guide, and her husband, Lord Baden-Powell, Boy Scout Founder. First celebrated in 1927, the day was renamed at the 1999 Girl Guide/Girl Scout World Conference. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world use the day to think of each other and exchange greetings, learn about other countries and give to the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund.

WORLD TREFOIL PIN A pin worn by all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.

WORLD CENTERS The four program activity centers owned by WAGGGS. The centers are located in Mexico, England, India and Switzerland.  

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