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Program Ideas

Mentoring - the Adult/Girl Partnership

Adult volunteers working directly with girls to plan and implement Girl Scout Program are serving as a mentor, which the dictionary defines as a "wise and trusted advisor." You work in partnership with girls to empower them to plan activities that meet their specific needs and interests, set goals for themselves and the group, and make decisions – building skills that last a lifetime.

Girl Scout leaders serve as the primary mentors for girls in the organization; however, other adult volunteers can also provide mentoring for special projects where they have expertise. This is often the case with Cadettes and Seniors working on a leadership project or their Silver/Gold Award.

In the early stages of leadership with the girls in the troop/group, a great deal of time should be spent in building relationships – getting to know each other, sharing their likes and dislikes, and learning to work as a team. Part of the "team building process" is planning and goal-setting. The age-level of the girls will dictate their level of involvement in the planning process. Even the younger Girl Scouts can make informed choices about the kinds of activities that meet their needs and interests. Refer to the age-level handbook and Leader’s Guide for ways to involve girls in the planning process.

Consider using the following 10-step approach to goal-setting with the girls in the troop/group:

1 Brainstorm
List ALL ideas generated on paper. No idea should be discarded at this point.

2 Gather Information
Find out about time, costs, transportation, & supervision.
3 Weigh Alternatives
Formulate options; weigh pros and cons.
4 Set Goals
What is to be accomplished?
5 Make Decisions
Assess group commitment; are goals realistic? Finalize.
6 Estimate Expenses
Develop a list of all related expenses and estimated costs.
7 Prepare Budget
How will the group pay?
8 Plan Activities
Check Safety-Wise; secure all permissions; identify tasks; generate a supply list; make checklist; record all expenses and income.
9 Implement Plans
10 Evaluate
How did it go? What are the recommendations for the future?

If you have a program or idea to share, please post it on the GSCB Forum.

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