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GSCB offers many programs and resources related to the out of doors. See your calendar for program kits, camping equipment and resource items.

Every state has state or national parks, environmental offices and a Natural Resources Department that offer opportunities for service. Check your local phone book under State or US Government to see what is in your area.

Outdoor Skills for Daisy guide from Fall School 2006
Outdoor Skills for Brownies Up guide from Fall School 2006

A Camping We Will Go

Here's a great collection of outdoor program ideas, and ways to motivate your troop to get away from the TV!
Visit website: A Camping We Will Go
Download in WORD format

Some ideas to do with your troop:

Camp Songs: WORD | PDF

Daisy Girl Scouts

Daisy Girl Scouts are curious about the world around them. Teaching them to protect their world can be as simple as recycling, planting flowers or trees, making a bird feeder or reading a story about endangered species. Ask a local park ranger or other naturalist to come to your troop and share with your girls. Any projects should be of short duration and meaningful for the girls.

  • Seed necklace
    You will need a clear plastic pill bottle or film canister with lid, cotton, a few seeds and yarn. Moisten the cotton. Place cotton in the bottle. Place two or three seeds between the inside of the bottle and the cotton.. Put on the lid. Tie yarn around the bottle for a necklace. Watch your seeds sprout! After they get as tall as the bottle, plant them.


Your handbook has some great tips on page 100-103 for your girls to do. Brownies love to "Make a Difference" so involve them in a project close to home. Look around your neighborhood for a place that could use some color. Get permission from your town, county, or owner to plant flowers there. Build birdhouses for your girls to hang at home.

  • Easy Bird House
    Get a PINT size waxed milk carton for each girl. Staple the top closed. Cut one hole the size of a quarter in the center of one side. Punch several holes in the bottom for drainage and in the pleated ends for ventilation. Decorate with artificial leaves, flowers or anything that will hold up in the rain. Remember to use a permanent glue like Eileen’s. Use a shoestring or cord attached to the top to hang your nest box outside where you can see it. Wrens will build a nest in almost anything that is hanging!


Juniors understand the concept of conservation-to use resources wisely. What kinds of things can they name that are they conserving? (using less water, recycling, etc) Juniors are good activists.

Look in your neighborhood for some things the girls feel are harming the environment. What action can they take to make it better? Check out ideas in the handbook on page 151.

Cadettes and Seniors

Stenciling storm drains to protect the environment is an activity troops can do. For guidelines and stencils, contact Becky Fetters at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation 1-888-414-4229 or email at

If you have a program or idea to share, please post it on the GSCB Forum.

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