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Program Ideas

Celebrating Patriotism

The following resources are currently on the Girl Scout Website. or a copy may be picked up in the Bay Shop. These will be incorporated into handbooks with subsequent printings. Earned awards are available in the Bay Shops.

Ms. President Patch

Activities designed to be fun and informative have been developed for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts, Junior Girl Scouts, and Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts.

Girl Scouts of the USA has teamed up with the White House Project, an organization that is changing the way people think about women in leadership roles, to create an exciting new Ms. President Patch for Girl Scouts of all ages. Girls today have more choices than ever before of what they can do when they grow up. Why not dream of becoming the first Ms. President!

Ms. President, an on-line participation patch, can be found on the Just for Girls section of the Girl Scout Website. This patch provides an opportunity for girls to experience and celebrate women who have paved the way in social and political reform, as well as to learn about those women who are on the front lines of government today. Girls can discover the accomplishments of strong women such as Sojourner Truth and Sybil Ludington by completing a matching game, or can explore the endeavors of women who have taken to the campaign trail.

Wave the Flag-Brownie Try-It

Do 4 of these 6 activities to celebrate what makes America special!

1. Flag Facts
2. Show It Off
3. Celebrate
4. Check It Out
5. Through the Years
6. Do Good
Helpful links are also on the GSUSA Web site.


United We Stand-Junior Badge

Complete 6 of 10 activities to celebrate freedom and things that make America unique.

1. Show the Colors
2. Write On!
3. Express Yourself
4. Roots
5. The Pledge of Allegiance
6. Sing Out
7. …For Which It Stands
8. Check It Out
9. Days Gone By
10. Lend a Hand
Helpful links are also on the GSUSA Web site.

American Patriotism - Cadette/Senior Interest Patch

To earn this Interest Project, complete at least two activities in the Skill Builders section, one activity in each of the other three sections and two other activities in any section you choose.

Skill Builders:

1. Flag etiquette
2. Visit a historic place
3. North American inhabitants
4. Bill of Rights/Constitution
5. History of the Star Spangled Banner
6. Freedom of the Press

1. Patriotism Logo
2. Voting
3. How the Flag is made
4. 24-hour news networks
5. Visit exhibits on-line

Career Exploration:
1. Careers in previous centuries
2. Armed Forces
3. Government careers
4. President job description
5. Interviewing elected officials.

Service Projects
1. How to dispose of an American flag properly
2. "Living Legacy-tree planting
3. Letter writing to service people

If you have a program or idea to share, please post it on the GSCB Forum.

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