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pathwaysGirls and adults can choose the way in which they wish to participate in Girl Scouting, based on timing and interests. You can participate in as many as you like.

  • Troop: The most well known way of participating. The same group of girls participating in a variety of activities, usually over a span of nine to twelve months. Girls may join at any time during the troop year.
  • Short Term Troop (Series): Not as well known though has existed for a very long time. Generally it is about 6-8 sessions, though it could be as long as 12 sessions. It is the same group of girls throughout the entire time who work on a specific topic/activities.
  • Events: These are stand alone offerings. The primary difference between events and all other methods of participating is that different girls participate in each event, as opposed to one group of girls coming together regularly.
  • Camp: Day, weekend and resident experiences that introduce and explore the out-of-doors. 
  • Travel: Offers girls leadership opportunities and cross-cultural understanding through local, regional, national and international travel.
    Girls prepare, plan, money-earn and participate through group travel, council-sponsored trips or nationally sponsored excursions.

  • Virtual: An online Girl Scout community that provides girls with the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouting without regard to geographic location. Participation is through a web-based platform developed by GSUSA and includes interactive and high-quality program activities in a safe, secure online environment.

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