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Girl Scout Cookie Program Rewards 2013

All incentives are cumulative giving girls the opportunity to earn each item as they reach their goals.

25 or more boxes sold receive theme patch

75 boxes or more sold receive love to travel bandana

100 or more boxes sold receive arm warmers

Receive Theme Patch

Receive "LOVE to Travel" Bandana

Receive "LOVE" Handwarmers


130 or more boxes sold receive dazzling daisy makeup case

175 or more boxes sold receive secret pocket pillow 250 or more boxes sold receive love to travel t-shirt

Receive Daisy Case

Receive Secret
Pocket Pillow

Receive "LOVE" t-shirt


350 boxes or more sold receive purple power blanket

sell 500 or more boxes receive choice of volleyball, satchel, certificate, member cert., secret surprise

sell 750 boxes or more receive room pocket, journal, pen, $35 program cert.

Receive Purple
Power Blanket

Choice of Flower Power volleyball OR designer daisy satchel, $25 program certificate, 500+ membership certificate and a special surprise.

Receive "Forever Flowers" room pocket, journal and secret message pen and $35 program certificate.

sell 1000 boxes or more receive bank, water bottle, frames, charm, mystery trip and $50 cert.
sell 1500+ boxes choice of ipod touch or kindle fire and $100 cert. sell 2000 boxes or more receive choice of ipad or laptop, and $150 cert.

Receive "Around the World" bank, water bottle, trio frames, charm, Mystery Trip and
$50 program certificate.

Choice of iPod Touch OR Kindle Fire and $100 program certificate.

Choice of iPad OR
laptop and $150
program certificate.


sell 10 boxes for operation taste of home

Cookie Buzz Patch

Receive 100+, 500+ or 1000+ patch for highest selling level earned.

Sell 10 or more boxes
for Operation Taste
of Home and recieve
this OTH patch.

Send just 12 emails on the cookie club website and receive this
Cookie Buzz patch.


participate in a booth sale


setting the bar patch


Participate in a
booth sale and receive
this Booth Sales patch.

Sell 12 or more boxes of snack bars and receive this Setting The Bar patch.


  flip flop pouch wristlet


Sell 165 or more boxes, receive this Flip Flop Pouch

Sell 225 or more
boxes receive this
Flower Power Wristlet.

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