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Fall Product Program FAQs


Fall Product Program FAQs

Fall Product Program Forms
Product Descriptions




The Fall Product Program begins once girls receive their materials from their troop and ends the end of October.
The program includes the QSP "Be A Reader" and the Nut/Candy Program.


The Fall Product Program is a family and friends program. Your Girl Scout will be taking orders for nuts/candy and magazines directly from your family members and friends. The combined QSP/Nut Program will provide your Girl Scout’s troop funds for more activities and trips during the first half of the Girl Scout year.


Online learning activities designed to enhance the troop program can be found at:

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girl's online activity.
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earn the online patch!


Fall Product Program
Family Education Video


When selling Girl Scout products, girls also learn the 5 Skills for Girls that will serve them their entire life and help to make them successful in everything they do.


The 5 Skills for Girls are: 5 skills

· Goal Setting

· Decision Making

· Money Management

· People Skills

· Business Ethics


See how the girls in one troop set goals for their Fall Product Program, planned to reach them and how they executed their plan for a successful outcome. | Video


What is the QSP Program?

QSP, a division of Great American Opportunities, sponsors a Girl Scout money earning program that promotes literacy through the sale of magazine subscriptions. 45% of the value of each order is retained by GSCB and helps to subsidize Girl Scout programs. 15% or 20% of each order stays with the troops for troop activities. All orders are backed by a guarantee of service by QSP. Customers do not become part of a mailing list through QSP. Any new magazine subscriptions will start 12 - 14 weeks after the orders are processed in November.


Over 1,000 magazine titles are offered, including dozens of children's magazines and over 147 digital magazines. Some magazine subscriptions offer a free gift or a second year’s subscription for free. Click here to order magazines online! Enter ID#: 22LR7W3  (Proceeds from online orders will benefit the Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay, and are not assigned to a specific girl. If you wish to support a specific girl or troop, please ask her to send you an email from the online program.)


How it works:

Ordering/Renewing your family and friends’ favorite magazines.
Your Girl Scout contacts family and friends asking them to renew or subscribe to their favorite magazines. She also has the option to contact family and friends via email through QSP’s online magazine ordering system. Your Girl Scout will earn troop proceeds and rewards for each subscription ordered.


Friendly Referrals using Address Adventure
Your Girl Scout can ask family and friends living in other communities to help support Girl Scouts by completing the special referral coupons in the mail-out booklets. QSP will mail information which shows them how to order their favorite publications at the same low prices. Your Girl Scout will earn the "Branch Patch" for a booklet with atleast 10 properly completed coupons. The troop will earn $3.00 for each complete booklet. QSP does not database these addresses, so these contacts do not become part of a mailing list.


What is the Nut/Candy program?

The sale of nuts and candy is a component of the Fall Product Program. Girl Scouts will be able to offer customers the option to order a wide range of delicious and attractively packaged nuts and candy at affordable prices. Products will arrive in the service unit between December 3-5, 2013. Since the products will be delivered prior to the holidays they make excellent low-cost gifts!


New for 2013

GSCB has two new collector tins for 2013. The holiday tin features penguins ice skating on a frozen pond and is filled with Chocolate Covered Pretzels. The Girl Scout tin is a decorative metal flower pot filled with delicious Double Chocolate Truffles. The Dulce de Leche Owls are fresh mily caramels surrounded by smooth milk chocolate.

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