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Additional program details:

Ordering/Renewing your family and friends’ favorite magazines. Your Girl Scout contacts family and friends asking them to renew
or subscribe to their favorite magazines. She also has the option to contact family and friends via email through QSP’s online magazine ordering system. Your Girl Scout will earn troop proceeds and rewards for each subscription ordered.


Friendly Referrals using Address Adventure Your Girl Scout can ask family and friends living in other communities to help support
Girl Scouts by completing the special referral coupons in the mail-out booklets. QSP will mail information which shows them how to
order their favorite publications at the same low prices. Your Girl Scout will earn the "Seashell Patch" for a booklet with atleast 8 properly completed coupons. The troop will earn $2 for each complete booklet. QSP does not database these addresses, so these contacts do not become part of a mailing list.


QSP online


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Family Guide (pdf)

Girl Business Cards

Troop Envelope/Guide (pdf)

SU Manual

Fall Product Program Receipt

Operation Taste of Home Receipt

500+ Club Form

Rally Guide


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