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Camp Todd is located on Lake Williston, just 5 miles from Denton, MD. It has been a camp since the mid-40's, serving the Girl Scouts and the community. Its 64 acres of woods is interlaced with picturesque hiking trails amongst our wonderful facilities. It is well suited to come and spend the day with your family or with a group. It is the perfect place for businesses to meet outside of the office, either for the day or overnight. With activities ranging from canoeing and kayaking to zip-line, Adventure Wall and archery, there is something for everyone.

During the year, there are a variety of scheduled events, such as Summer Camp, specialty camps, Music Camp, Earth Day, Fairy Weekend and more. The camp is also open for birthday parties, weddings, church gatherings, Boy Scouts and businesses.


whats new

AED | Wishing Well | Disk Golf | Letterboxing | Flag Retirement Ceremony | Discovery Area | Bikes


AED at Lakeview Lodge

Fall School and the participants graciously donated an AED and case for Lakeview Lodge.  Now we have one at the Program Center and Lakeview.  Thank you Fall School.



wishing well  

Wishing Well

There is a Wishing Well by the Program Center. Money that is dropped in it will go toward the item listed on sign. You can also drop in suggestions for other items you would like to add to the wish list. The container is emptied on a regular basis. If you have a large donation, let the camp Ranger know. We are working on an Archery back stop for our new archery range.

disk golf  

Disk Golf

Our first Disk Golf Course has been donated to Camp Todd. The course should be  up by the opening of camp.




Letterboxing course: created and donated by Troop 379, Dover, DE

Letterboxing is an intriguing pastime combining navigational skills and rubber stamp artistry in a charming treasure hunt style outdoor quest.


flag 1

flag 2


Flag Retirement Ceremony

Designated area for ashes from a flag retirement ceremony has been donated by Troop 1252 and is located at the end of the Program Center by the hedge row, by the road.

discovery area  

Discovery Area

Close to the Lakeview Bridge, there is a quite area with benches and a table. It is a great place to use as a discovery are. Example, close your eyes and let your ears try and discover 5 different sounds. Or sit quietly and see how many different trees you can see. Or count the different kinds of wildlife you see - birds, squirrels, turtles etc.

discovery area  


Bikes are now available for adults to use on the roads to help them get from one area to another more quickly if needed. There is a bike rack at the Program Center and one at Choptank. Please remember to return them when done.


Did you know?

Camp Todd had a new well and filter system put in, when the Program Center was remolded. The water is tested on a regular bases by the Public Health Dept. The drinking water is some of the best around. It tasted better than bottled water. We recommend you try it. You will see that it is better to bring a water bottle that can be refilled instead of buying bottled water. Now you know.

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Camp Todd meets all requirements by the American Camp AssociationAmerican Camp Association

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