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or contact Emily Bennett




Download our Camp Todd Camp Packet.
Contents include:

Camp Map

General Information

List of amenities and fees

Camp Report


Choptank Lodge
Kitchen Inventory


Program Center Kitchen Inventory-1



Lakeview Lodge
Kitchen Inventory


  April 15 - October 31 Year-round
Shady Cove
(A, H/A)
Tall Timbers
Whispering Pines
(A, H/A)
Canvas Back
(H/A, T)
(Day Use Only)
(H/A) (B)
Program Center
(H/A) (B)
(H/A) (B)
   Capacity 32 36 32 36 36 50 24 40/200* 21
   Mattresses trefoil trefoil trefoil trefoil trefoil   trefoil trefoil trefoil
   Winterized             trefoil trefoil trefoil
   Electricity     trefoil trefoil trefoil trefoil trefoil trefoil trefoil
   Air             trefoil trefoil  
   Heat             trefoil trefoil  
   Water Water on April 15 - October 31 trefoil trefoil trefoil
   Refrigerator             trefoil trefoil trefoil
   Stove/Microwave             trefoil trefoil trefoil
   Washer/Dryer                 trefoil
   Fireplace/Circle circle circle circle circle circle circle both fireplace both
   Phone Available in Program Center trefoil trefoil
   Indoor Bathroom             trefoil trefoil trefoil
   Showers 9 showers in shower house. Outhouse by Program Center has 2 showers and 3 flush toilets. 2
   Outside Latrine flush flush flush flush pit Use central restrooms     pit
   Outdoor Kitchen trefoil trefoil trefoil trefoil   (BBQ Grill)      
   Garbage Removal Place in appropriate dumpster or recycle bin by the Program Center.


= yes   (T) = Platform Tent Unit   (B) = Building   (A) = Adirondack   (H/A) = Handicapped Access

*See fee chart below.



  Capacity Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay Other Girl Scouts Non-Profit
TENT UNIT          
   Canvas Back 32 $47.50 $67.50 $77.50 $87.50
   Hideaway 36 $47.50 $67.50 $77.50 $87.50
   Shady Cove 32 $47.50 $67.50 $77.50 $87.50
   Tall Timbers 36 $47.50 $67.50 $77.50 $87.50
   Whispering Pines 32 $47.50 $67.50 $77.50 $87.50
   Lakeview Lodge 21 $52.50 $72.50 $82.50 $92.50
   Choptank Lodge 24 $65 $85 $95 $105
   Program Center* Sleeps 40, seats 200 $100 $120 $130 $140
     PC Dining Room   $60 $80 $90 $100
     PC Craft Room   $60 $80 $90 $100
     PC Kitchen (alone)   $30 $50 $60 $70
   Pavilion 50 $20 $40 $50 $60

* Fee includes cost of kitchen.

NOTE: Tent units are not available from November 1 through April 14.
Camping fees are for check-in any time after 3 p.m. and checkout anytime before 3 p.m.



Equipment rental fees and activity requirements at Camp Todd

Activity Trained Facilitator Required Rental Fee  


Zip Line Yes $20/2hr  

A Troop may have one of their own members trained
as a facilitator or one can be hired.


These are self guided activities. A trained facilitator is
not required, but adult supervision and guidance is.

Archery Yes $30/4hr
Canoeing Yes $5/boat/4hr
Kayaking Yes $5/boat/4hr
Swimming Yes None
Water Slide Yes  
Log Rolling Yes  
Water Climbing Pole Yes  
Paddle Boards Yes $5/board/4hr  

These are self guided activities. A trained facilitator is not required, but adult supervision and guidance is.

Geo Caching No $30/4hr/6 GPS units
Orienteering No $5/4hr/10 compasses
Challenge Course No No
Nature Trail No No
Adventure Trail No No
Adventure Wall No No

















There are two ways to identify instructors:

1. You can sign up for our Adult Outdoor Certification classes offered each spring and fall and become your own troops instructor.
2. You can contact our camp registrar (listed in sidebar.) to receive a list of already certified instructors with the council.


Once you have found the instructor you will need to complete the Outdoor Equipment Rental Form to secure the equipment is available for use.
There are minimal fees associated with the equipment.


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