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When you arrive, check-in yourself in and make yourself at home. Let the Ranger know your have arrived. If you have any questions, check with the Ranger. You can drive to your sight and unload, but after unloading, please move your vehicle to the designated parking area. Please do not park in the loading zone by the Program Center.


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Preparing the sleeping units:

After you are unloaded, you can prepare your area for sleeping. Each sight has bunks and mattresses. Simply sweep out the unit, and wipe down the mattresses with a Lysol or Clorox wipe and then put your bedding in place. It can as simple as rolling out a sleeping bag or you can put on sheets and a blanket and pillow and even your sleeping buddy. Bring whichever sleeping gear you feel most comfortable with and is appropriate for the weather.



check in info. 3Camp Fires and Cooking accommodations:

To build a fire, you can bring instant light charcoal, or a fire log (do not use fire logs to cook marshmallows etc because of the chemicals in the log) or do it the old fashion way with a match and small kindling. Remember, that fires must be attended at all times. Keep it small. A bucket of water should be near, along with a rake and shovel. Again, never leave a fire unattended.
When done, be sure it is out. Before leaving to go home, clean up your cold ashes and put them in the can provided and leave any of the larger, unburt logs in the fire circle. Do not drag in logs or large sticks, thinking someone can use them. Bring in small sticks and break them into short lengths.


Meals are based on your comfort level of cooking outdoors. You can call and have pizza delivered or drive 5 miles into town where there is a Dunken Doughnut, McDonalds, Burger King, Arbbies, Subway and other restaurants. If you feel more adventurous, there are fire circles with grills for charcoal fires for hot dogs and hamburgers etc. Or you can be super chef and do Dutch oven cooking or baking. You can bring your own portable propane stove, but no gas stoves or lanterns, please. Some units shelters have electricity, so you can bring an electric coffee pot or crock pot or electric griddle. Again, meal preparation can be as simple as a phone call or elaborate as you wish.


If you have dished to be washed, you can use the wash stand at the sight and do the dish as you would at home or a preferred method for larger groups is to us the three wash basins provided and do a soap wash, a plane rinse and then a 50:1 Clorox rinse and let your dishes air dry, either in a mess bag or on the table.


Some miscellaneous information:

Be sure to leave the camp in better condition than you found it.


Put all your trash in the dumpster. Crush cardboard boxes and large cans and plastic bottles. Recyclables in the recycle dumpster. Crush cardboard boxes.

Be sure to take everything with you. Do not leave newspapers, toilet paper, food for the next group. It is a nice jester but the mice love it too.

Treat the camp like you were visiting a friend’s house. Don’t write or paint on anything that is not yours, or you did not bring with you. Do not hang anything with tape or stick pins on the walls. We know you would like others to see what you have made, but please take it home with you and enjoy it there. Drive on the road only and park where designated. (You wouldn't drive across your friends yard to unload your car.)
Report anything that needs attention to the Camp Ranger.


What to do in case an emergency:

In case of an emergency, stay calm and ask yourself - "What do I need to do? What is the best help I can give?" Check the scene and the victim. Is the scene safe? Follow American Red Cross in the 3 C's, "Check, Call, Care."

Call 911
* The address at the main camp is 25012 Beauchamp Branch Road, Denton, MD. For Lakeview Lodge it is 7980 Detour Rd, Denton, MD
* Be prepared to tell the dispatcher as much about the victim and the emergency as possible. What happened. How many people are involved. What are the victims condition. What help has been given.
* Have someone go to the main gate at camp to meet the Emergency Responders so they can direct them to the exact location of the victims.
Care for the victim.

After all victims and safety has been restored call the GSCBC, Inc. office 800-341-4007 and identify that an emergency has occurred. If it is in non working hours the recording will direct you to call our emergency service.


Be prepared to:
Identify who you are.
What the emergency status is.

Who including name(s) and any other information needed such as;
Parents/guardian names.
Contact information for the parents/guardians.
Who was involved.
How it happened.
What procedure is in place currently to keep it from happening again.

Camp Todd meets all requirements by the American Camp AssociationAmerican Camp Association

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