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The Legend of Lake Williston's Sprite Creek sprite creek


Water Sprites, otherwise known as Water Fairies, are mythological creatures believed to be guardians of one of our most precious resources - good, fresh water. Lately, there have been reports of Water Sprite sightings in one of the side creeks off of Lake Williston. The following legend has been floating around on how they ended up at Camp Todd…

Once upon a time, in a land, far, far away, a cry went out to all of the water sprites in the kingdom. The precious water of Lake Williston was in need of their protection.
A great council meeting was held and after much discussion - it was decided to
send a group of elder Water Sprites to Camp Todd, where they would live and watch over the water.

Much preparation was done - stockpiling of magic dust, loading of materials for their whimsical houses, and the packing of their musical instruments. It was during one of the coldest winters in decades (winter of 2014) that the Water Sprites made their long and perilous journey. Even though it was hard and bitter cold, the Water Sprites journeyed on - flickering their wings, singing, and spreading joy along the way. After several months, they arrived. It took them weeks of exploring to finally decide to settle along the main creek feeding into the lake, now known as Sprite Creek. With their houses built and now settled in, they are enjoying the wonders of their surroundings, having fun playing with their new found friends, making music, and blessing the waters and all who enter them with magical dust.

On warm summer days, you can paddle from Camp Todd’s Boathouse, around Fire Island, and past Lakeview Lodge to a bridge. As you go under the bridge, you’ll be entering Sprite Creek. As you meander up the creek, don’t be surprised if you see turtles, herons, eagles, and other wildlife. Who knows…maybe if you are quiet you might even see a tiny sprite riding a turtle, playing an instrument beside her home, or dipping a pecan shell into the water.

Why do we have Sprite Creek - young ladies enjoy stories, fairies and water. So this is an attempt to encourage them to explore parts of the lake that has not been used before. It has been cleared out and is full of wildlife and beauty. In exploring the area in search of the fairies, it is hoped that they will also discover the many joys of being on the water, out in nature.



Paddle around Fire Island and under the bridge towards Lakeview Lodge to enter into Sprite Creek.
Look for the sprites and their houses along the bank as you explore nature.

Please remind the young ladies, that we do not touch the fairies or their fairy houses.

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