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Grove Point
Day Camp


Anna and Elsa’s
Magical Adventure
Grades 1-3
July 25-29 or
August 1-5


Wilderness Explorers
Grades 1-3

July 18-22

Cost: $70/week
Pick-up locations:
Brandywine Library
Northern Resource Ctr.


Dover Mall







NEW FOR 2016:Our Summer Camp registration system is completely online!

We extended Day Camp options at Camp Grove Point:

Anna and Elsa's Magical Adventure (July 25-29; August 1-5) NOW for Grades 1-5!

Wilderness Explorers (July 18-22) NOW for Grades 1-8!


We also added a Day Camp option at Camp Grove Point exclusively for Cadettes:

Whimsical Adventure (July 25-29; August 1-5) for Grades 6-8: Journey to the most magical lands during this week of day camp specially designed for Cadettes.  Each day you will travel to a different fantasy world--Narnia, Middle Earth, Hogwarts, Panem, and Neverland!  You'll get to play games specific to these magical worlds, go on epic quests for adventure, and make crafts! 














How do I register my daughter for camp? We are excited to announce GSCB’s online camp registration.

Links to our reservation system Ultra Camp are now active!


Should I register my daughter for the grade level she has just completed or the grade she is entering? Register for the grade she is entering in Fall 2016.


Is a deposit required for camp? Yes, GSCB requires a $35 deposit for each session the girl is registering for. This amount is applied to the total cost of the camp session. “Cookie Bucks” (earned by a troop through the Girl Scout Cookie Program) cannot be used for the deposit. If you are requesting a campership to help cover the cost and are unable to pay the $35 deposit, please provide a written explanation. For camps less than $35, please see the online registration forms for deposit amounts. Deposits are refundable for cancellations prior to March 15. After that date, GSCB will retain the $35 deposit in the event of cancellation for any reason.


Do you offer financial assistance to help pay for camp? Need-based camperships are available for one session per summer to those girls demonstrating need. The Campership Application must be completed with other registration materials. Notification regarding financial assistance will be sent via email in April of 2016.


Is my girl ready for camp? Many factors play a role in deciding when is the right time for a girl to begin camp; whether it’s a day camp, three-day session, or a full week. Although age is one factor in camp readiness, a child’s maturity level and personality can be more important indicators. Talk to your child before registering her. If she is enthusiastic about attending, she will enjoy camp. The following questions can also be a guide in determining your girl’s readiness for resident camp:

  1. Has your girl ever been away from home for more than one night without family members?
  2. Will she feel comfortable sleeping in living quarters separate from her counselors?
  3. Can she take care of her own personal hygiene without assistance?
  4. Can she keep up with her personal belongings?
  5. Can she cope with unfamiliar people, new places and group schedules?
  6. Does she enjoy making new friends?
  7. Does she like group situations?
  8. Does she enjoy being outdoors? Can she see mosquitos, bugs, or other “nature” friends without being frightened?

Am I ready for my girl to attend resident camp? It isn’t just the girl who needs to be ready to attend camp; you as her parent or guardian will also need to feel prepared for the experience. In an age of constant communication, it can feel disconcerting when you are not able to connect with your girl for days at a time. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine your preparedness to have a girl away at resident camp:

  1. Can you relax and enjoy yourself when your girl sleeps overnight away from home?

  2. Are you prepared to be away from your girl for several days without speaking on the phone?

  3. Are you willing to have your girl participate in camp kapers (chores) such as setting the table, cleaning her living quarters,
    sweeping, picking up trash and cleaning the bathroom?

  4. Are you confident in your girl’s ability to take care of herself, make her own bed and keep track of her belongings?

  5. Do you believe that camp provides girls with a fun and rewarding experience that builds self-worth and independence?

  6. Are you willing to trust the camp staff with the care of your girl?


Can camp accommodate my daughter’s dietary needs? If your girl has special dietary needs, contact the appropriate Camp Director at least two weeks prior to her arrival at camp. You can discuss the nature of your camper’s needs and gather additional information to determine if the camp can provide the appropriate support and accommodation for your camper.


Can my daughter attend camp if she has a chronic medical condition? We handle each situation on a case-by-case basis. If a camper has a special medical condition, it is the policy of GSCB to work with the parent to help us determine what the appropriate accommodations might be, keeping the girl’s health and safety as the priority.


How will my daughter receive her medication at camp? Medications need to be in original containers, prescribed specifically for the camper and must not be expired (or expire) while at camp. The camp will assist campers who need regular medication on a set schedule. Campers that occasionally need over-the-counter medication for headaches, allergies, or lactose intolerance must be able to communicate to staff that they need this medication or it will not be given to them. The camp carries select over-the-counter medication that parents may authorize the camp to administer on the health form. Medications will not be dispensed in any manner other than what is specified on the label, without written instructions from a physician.


What if it is hot outside? We still have a great time at camp even when it’s hot outside! We encourage the girls to drink plenty of water and refill their water bottles with cold water, regularly. We have designated locations at each camp with air conditioning where we can do certain activities in the event of severe or prolonged heat. Although girls may spend some time in air-conditioning, a majority of their camp time is spent outside.


How do you handle inclement weather? All GSCB summer camps have emergency weather procedures in place. We reserve the right to alter scheduled activities due to weather conditions. Alternative options will be offered to replace an activity cancelled due to weather. No refunds or adjustments in fees will be made as a result of weather-related changes.


What if my camper is homesick? Can she come home? Please include your girl in the decision-making process so she is aware of
the length of stay. Do not promise her she can come home early if she does not like camp in the first couple of days. Experiencing some feelings of homesickness is totally normal; in fact, research shows that 96% of kids experience some degree of homesickness at some point during their time at camp. Less than 10% of campers, however, experience homesickness that is so severe where an early return home becomes necessary. You can help set your girl up for success by explaining to her that she might feel homesick at camp and discuss some coping strategies like journaling, talking to a friend or counselor, or keeping busy with games and crafts. (download our mini-book to take with you!) We will work with your camper to help her adjust. If homesickness persists, the Camp Director will call to inform you of the situation and work to develop a plan of action.


Does my camper require a physical? GSCB no longer requires a physical for a girl to attend camp. All girls must have Health History forms and immunization records completed on Ultracamp by June 1.





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