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Questions? Contact

Renée Naughton
Girl Program Manager
302-456-7150 x7186





What are GS destinations? | GSCB Travel Stories | Resources | Application



What are GS destinations?

GS Destinations are travel experiences that range from two days to three weeks for Girl Scout Cadettes and older, can whisk you to the far corners of the world where you will meet remarkable girls, develop leadership skills, gain confidence, and enjoy valuable learning opportunities to take action.


View the listing of travel opportunities HERE. Destinations are travel experiences that range from two days to three weeks for Cadettes and older. They can whisk you to the far corners of the world where you will meet other remarkable girls, develop leadership skills, gain confidence and enjoy valuable learning opportunities to take action. Check out the opportunities available to you at http://forgirls.girlscouts.org/travel/take-a-trip/destinations to learn where you can travel to.



2017 destinations timeline:

January 30, 2017: Round 2 applications due to GSCB. (Council will mail your completed application to the event sponsor.)
February 13, 2017: All Round 2 applications are in route to event sponsors from GSCB.

March 3, 2017: All Round 2 applicants are notified of their status.

March 17, 2017: Round 2 accepted participants must pay a deposit to hold their place on the trip.

Spring 2017: Some event sponsors MAY continue to receive applications until trips are full.



Round 2 applications for 2017 destinations are due to the Northern Resource Center by January 30, 2017.

Mail to:
Attn. Renée Naughton
225 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, DE 19702

or email application to RNaughton@cbgsc.org




Sydne J – Troop 696, Camden, DE


"Opportunities are defined as “a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something.” Space Academy, located at the U.S Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL, was an opportunity like no other.


From the missions, simulations and intriguing presentations, I was able to learn and explore the outer space. My favorite segment was getting to try out the different occupations they have in the international space station, such as CAPCOM (capsule communicator) and PAYCOM (payload communications manager). 


Going to Space Camp allowed me to meet a lot of new people from across the world, and experience independence because I was far away from home. Through simulations, I got to experience how it feels to walk on the Moon and crash land in a space capsule. Each day we had a mission, where each team member was assigned a job, and had to fulfill that job in order for the spacecraft to land safely; this focused on teamwork and communication. Another activity I enjoyed was “Space Bowl” (space themed Jeopardy) where campers got to show all of the information they learned throughout the week. At the end of the week we had a SWAP celebration with all of the Girl Scout campers, I had the pleasure of exchanging and receiving unique SWAPS with people from all over the globe. 


To top the exciting week off, I earned the “Right Stuff” award for showing leadership and sound decision making in my group, and over the course of the week. I am looking forward to going to Advanced Space Academy in two years, and more Girl Scout Destinations in the future. This destination was something I will never forget, and I hope to share my experience with peers, and other fellow Girl Scouts. Due to my time at Space Academy I am exploring careers in the space field."

Alex T – Troop 934, Port Deposit, MD

destinations"During our course, we got to do several service projects, starting the first full day at Outward Bound Base Camp. That morning, two of the Destinations staying at Base Camp worked together to help dig channels in the trails to keep them from being eroded by rain. The next day, we headed out to Talamanca where we stayed with a local family during the week we spent painting the school. It was really cool being able to interact with the family, and also to be able to make the school look nice for when the kids went back. After our time in Talamanca, we traveled to San San in Panama to help with the conservation efforts there. We mostly did sea turtle- related work, such as nest exhumations (digging up nests in the hatchery that had hatched, and finding the undeveloped or unhatched eggs, and figuring out what caused them to die- fungus, bacteria, crabs/insects, etc.), releasing the babies, and night patrols (walking along the beach looking for mother turtles). On one night patrol we found a Leatherback laying her eggs. The biologist who was with us on the patrol tagged her and caught the eggs so we could take them back to the hatchery to keep them safe from predators or poachers. Two of the girls got to help measure the turtle, and then we watched her cover the nest and make it safely back to the ocean. It was amazing to see the turtle so close up! However, the best thing I think I got to do was help measure the baby turtles before we released them. While we were in Panama, we also planted 150 trees, and saw a sloth and several iguanas. Back at Base, we got to spend a day white water rafting, which was totally awesome, and a day zip-lining and visiting a market, which was also fun. I learned a lot about teamwork, but also about being independent while on course, and had a lot of fun!"

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