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Girl Scouts Forever Green

Can one person make the planet cleaner, greener…healthier? Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay thinks so. Most big changes start with small ideas and small acts. Girl Scouts has always been green; now it’s time to show the world just how green we are! Girl Scouts Forever Green (GSFG), our 100th Anniversary Take Action Project, is a global effort to improve the environment and protect natural resources.


We invite you to lead your family, school, and community to Take Action in your communities in February and March to reduce plastic waste by using or distributing reusable bags and refilling reusable water bottles.

Making A Difference Starts With You! Here's How:

  1. First, learn more about Girl Scouts Forever Green Take Action Project to reduce plastic waste. 
    1. 2012 GSCB Project Guide
    2. GSFG Website – Reduce Waste
    3. Online Resources
  1. Plan a project on your own, or with friends, to lead your family, school, and community to Take Action to reduce plastic waste.
    1. 2012 GSCB Project Guide
    2. Power to Change Brainstorming Activity
  1. Finally, Record your environmental impact and share your project results with friends, family and Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Pledge

While on the GSFG website recording your results, take the Online Pledge to make a year long commitment to environmental efforts, one small act at a time.

Environmental Impact

The impact of Girl Scouts leading their communities in environmental stewardship will be measured as participants take the online pledge and record their use or distribution of reusable bags and refills of reusable beverage bottles on the GSFG website. Then, the impact of Girl Scouts in Chesapeake Bay's community will be combined with the impacts of Girl Scouts nationwide. The data will show how small acts combined can change the world!


Download the Program description: WORD | PDF

Plastic Waste Resources

Power to Change
Reduce Waste Poster (8x10)
Reduce Waste Poster (11x17)

Reduce Waste Wallet Card
GSFG Pledge Card
Thank You Info Card
Refill Tracker Sticker


Plastic Waste Resources - Spanish

Reduce Waste Poster (8x10)
Reduce Waste Poster (11x17)

Reduce Waste Wallet Card
GSFG Pledge Card
Thank You Info Card
Refill Tracker Sticker

Other resources for reducing plastic waste:
Other resources for reducing plastic waste:

Reusable Bag Resources

Furoshiki Reusable Bag
Treasured Girl Scout T-shirt Reusable Bag (1 per page)
Plastic waste information and instructions to make a reusable bag: http://www.morsbags.com/
Plastic Bags crochet: http://crafts.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Plastic_Bags_Crochet
Reusable Bag out of Jeans: http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to-make-handbags-and-carryalls-from-recycled-jeans-227073_24/
Reusing Plastic Bags: http://planetgreen.discovery.com/home-garden/reuses-plastic-bags3.html
Fusing Plastic Bags: (Older Girls Only)


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