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Financial Literacy

Teaching Girls Financial Literacy
The Girl Scout Cookie Program and the Fall Product Program are fun ways for girls to earn money to support their dreams, and it's a hands-on leadership and financial literacy program unlike any other in the world. The knowledge and skills learned serves them for a lifetime. Girls gain essential skills, not from a book, but from real-life experiences building a strong foundation for success.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches Girl Scouts essential skills to grow into leaders in their own life, in business and in the world:

 Goal Setting – Girls set program sales goals with their team and create a plan to reach them.

 Decision Making – Girls develop a basic business plan for program sales and work as a team to decide where and when to sell cookies, and what to do with the money they earn.

 Money Management – Girls develop a budget, take orders, handle customers’ money and gain valuable practical life skills.

 People Skills – Girls learn how to communicate effectively with all kinds of people while participating in both programs. These experiences help her develop healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills that she can use throughout her life.

 Business Ethics – Girls are honest and responsible during every step of the sales process. Her business ethics reinforce the positive values she is developing as a Girl Scout!