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Help Preserve Charitable Income Tax Deduction in Delaware


Recently, House Bill 240 was introduced which would change aspects of the personal income tax code. In this proposed bill, the charitable gift deduction will be eliminated. This change would have a negative impact on individual giving which pays for services to Delaware citizens.

In other states which restricted the charitable gift deduction, giving decreased almost immediately, In fact, Hawaii which capped the gift deduction in 2012 eliminated the restriction the follow year due to the devastating reduction in charitable giving. Michigan lawmakers are considering bringing back the charitable gift deduction they eliminated in 2011. 

With sizeable state government funding reductions for services which care for our most vulnerable citizens, the proposed removal of the charitable gift deduction in HB240 would impact every community-based organization across the state. 

Girl Scouts is proud to partner with organizations and coalitions in the nonprofit sector to ensure that nonprofits not only survive but flourish as employers who provide essential services. We support policies that help nonprofits screen, recruit, and retain staff and volunteers, as well as incentivize charitable giving. Girl Scouts is also committed to supporting policies that help us deliver on our mission and increase our capacity to serve girls. To that end, we educate policymakers on the value of having a strong nonprofit sector.

What can you do? 

  • If you are a Delawarean, write to your State Senator and State Representative, asking them to revise the proposed HB240 and keep the charitable gift deduction in Delaware's tax code. If you do not know who your State Senators and State Representatives are, click here to enter your zip code
  • Use Delaware Alliance of Nonprofit Advancement's (DANA) letter template by clicking on the arrow next to advocacy campaign here
  • Post on social media using #HB240 to ask officials to revise the proposed HB240 to keep the charitable gift deduction in Delaware's tax code.