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Staff Directory

 For all questions, please email our Member Care Department or call 1-800-341-4007.

 For the office of the CEO, please email the Executive Assistant, Amy Benson.

 For media inquiries, please email Liz Farrell, Chief Marketing Communications Officer. 


Claudia Peña Porretti, J.D., CFRE

Chief Executive Officer

Amy Benson

Executive Assistant

Denise Eberspeaker

Chief Regional Officer

Liz Farrell, MALS, EMBA

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Sindy Rodriguez


V.P. of Operations


Christopher Truman

Chief Financial Officer

Marie Vacca

Chief Development Officer

Member Care

Tiffanie Chandler

Member Care/Business Data Director

Barbara Fallat

Member Care Specialist

Cynthia Mueller

Member Care Assistant

Logan Dennis

Member Care and Retail Associate

Taunja Limberry


Member Care Specialist



Troop & Service Unit Support/Girl Program

Sue Rowe

Director of Troop & Service Unit Support & Girl Program     

Donna Francisco

Troop & Service Unit Support Specialist

Alison Lynch

Troop & Service Unit Support Specialist

Cheryl Brown

Troop & Service Unit Support Specialist

Skye Schmidt

Girl Program Specialist (STEM)

Emily Price

Girl Program Specialist

Danielle Lubbers

Program Coordinator

Brit LaFritz

Program Specialist

Membership Development

Angelia Cright

Director of Membership Development

Ichelle Washington

Placement Specialist

Jennifer Owens

Placement Specialist

Jana Savini

Recruitment Specialist

Amanda Ackerly
Recruitment Specialist

Paola Rosas

Community Outreach Manager

Dizza Heusner

Community Outreach Specialist

Camika Tingle

Community Outreach Specialist

Product Program/Camp & Outdoor Program/Retail

Renee Naughton

Director of Product Program

Ivy Sheehan

Camp and Outdoor Program Director

Colleen Gilmore

Product Program Specialist

Miranda Gordon

Camp Outdoor Program Specialist

Mattie Bryant

Camp Outdoor Program Specialist

Sam Prosceno

Product Program Specialist

Tara Petka

Retail Assistant Manager


Eileen Pelham

Fund Development/Database Specialist

Marketing & Communications

Deb Mackie

Marketing & Communications Associate

Property and Finance

Roland Lytle


Vice President, Property & Outdoor Strategy


Derek Brittingham Maintenance Specialist

Joe McGinnis

Maintenance Manager

Stanley Kihara

Accounting Manager

Robert Biscaro

AR/AP Associate