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Staff Directory

 For all questions, please email our Member Care Department or call 1-800-341-4007.

 For the office of the CEO, please email the Executive Assistant, Amy Benson.

 For media inquiries, please email Denise Eberspeaker, Chief Development Officer. 

Anne T. Hogan
Chief Executive Officer
ext. 10155
Amy Benson
Executive Assisant ext. 10156
Donna Bolte Chief Operating Officer ext. 10178
Michele Camponelli Chief Financial Officer ext. 10158
Denise Eberspeaker Chief Development Officer ext. 20105
Member Care/Troop & Service Unit Support
Sue Rowe Director of Volunteer Service & Member Care ext. 10171      
Barbara Fallat Member Care Specialist ext. 10173
Robert Biscaro Member Care Specialist
ext. 10183
Cynthia Mueller Member Care Assistant (NRC) ext. 10181
Jennifer Owens Member Care Assistant (PRC) ext. 20101
Donna Francisco Troop & Service Unit Support Specialist (North) ext. 10182
Alison Lynch Troop & Service Unit Support Specialist (South) ext. 20108
Girl and Volunteer Recruitment
Angelia Cright   Director of Girl and Volunteer Recruitment
ext. 10165
Tiffanie Chandler Business Data Analyst ext. 20110
Colleen Gilmore Placement Specialist ext. 10179
Ichelle Washington Placement Specialist ext. 10161
Renee Horn Recruitment Specialist (North) ext. 10363
Trish Eskilson Recruitment Specialist (Central) ext. 10313
Stacey Roberts Community Outreach Specialist (North) ext. 10166
Camika Tingle Community Outreach Specialist (South) ext. 20107
Taunja Limberry Community Outreach Assistant ext. 10175
Girl Program
Michelle Passwaters Director of Girl Program
ext. 10162
Renee Naughton Girl Program Manager ext. 10186
Skye Schmidt STEM Program Specialist ext. 10184
Keli Witt Product Program Specialist ext. 10371
Hannah Stradley Outdoor Program Specialist ext. 10168
Danielle Lubbers Program Coordinator ext. 10312
Outdoor Program and Property
Bret Lanan Site Manager, Camp Country Center 302-234-6619
Ed Oceanic Site Manager, Camp Grove Point 410-275-2808
Bob Foote Site Manager, Camp Todd/Camp Sandy Pines 410-479-2177
Development and Marketing
Gina Dzielak Communications and Marketing Manager ext. 10170
Pamela Mann Development Specialist ext. 10321
Eileen Pelham Fund Development Associate ext. 10332
Christine Teetsel Communications and Marketing Specialist ext. 10172
Adam Zaimes
Director of Technology and Property ext. 10195  
Dawn Samis Retail Manager ext. 10192
Stanley Kihara Accountant/Payroll ext. 10201
Michele Watson Accountant/Accounts Payable ext. 10198
Ruth Ann Michael Human Resources Assistant  ext. 10160
Leon Talbot Building Supervisor