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Long Range Property Planning

As of August 2022, the Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay (GSCB) has two operation facilities and four camp properties that have contributed to rising operational costs and ongoing budget deficits in addition to deferred maintenance over the past decade. To ensure long-term financial sustainability and operational viability, and as part of a Long Range Property Plan, on August 30th, 2022, GSCB Board of Directors and leadership staff announced the difficult decision to divest four of those properties: 

  • Newark Resource Center (NRC) – 225 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, DE 19702
  • Peninsula Resource Center (PRC) – 1346 Belmont Ave. Suite 601 Salisbury, MD 21804
  • Camp Grove Point – 2930 Grove Neck Rd. Earleville, MD 21919
  • Camp Sandy Pines – 27157 Riverside Dr. Extension, Fruitland, MD 21826

Sales proceeds will be partially invested in the two remaining camp properties: Camp Country Center and Camp Todd covering renovations, enhancements, introduction of high adventure programmatic activities, and more. Additional proceeds will be utilized to provide long-term financial sustainability for the council.

Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay has developed the below Long Range Property Plan to set us on the right path towards the future while maintaining the financial health of our organization. 

Long Range Property Plan



Long Range Property Plan & Property Decision FAQs
Why is GSCB divesting of property and why now?

This was a difficult decision to make, and we did not do so lightly. But we felt responsible to consolidate our properties into ones that would be outstanding and help GSCB be successful in the years to come. 

Today, it is expensive to maintain what we have. Also, it would require more resources than available to bring every camp up to the level of experience required to attract the number of girls needed to be financially sustainable in the long term.

Which GSCB properties are affected?

We have evaluated our current properties and made a plan about what to sell, exit, keep, move, and invest in.  Going forward, we plan to sell:

  • Grove Point
  • Sandy Pines
  • Newark Resource Center
  • Peninsula Resource Center

We will move the Grove Point program to Camp Todd, which we will develop as a premier destination for resident camp for all girls in Delaware and the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Virginia.  

We will use a portion of the proceeds from the sales to fund improvements at:

  • Camp Country Center
  • Camp Todd

We will have feedback opportunities to hear from our girls membership on the enhancements they would like to see at our upgraded camps as we finalize the master plans.  

How can I be a part of determining what new upgrades will happen at Camp Country Center and Camp Todd? As we move forward with the strategic plans for each property, we will create input sessions for members, particularly girls, to share their ideas for what improvements and attractions will be most appealing at our camp properties.
When will I no longer be able to make a reservation at Grove Point or Sandy Pines or any of the other effected locations? We will continue to honor existing site reservations. Future reservation opportunities for both camp properties will remain open until further notice.
When will the improvements at the camps begin and how soon? What specifically will the improvements be?

In the coming month GSCB will begin the process for creating a strategic plan for each property. This process will include feedback from our girls and our members will help shape the future of other improvements and we look forward to hearing your ideas in those focus groups.

We do know that part of the improvements will include;

  1. Additional year-round overnight units.
  2. Investment in high-adventure opportunities.
  3. Investment in the STEM Lab
Will GSCB run summer camp at Grove Point in the summer of 2023? No, GSCB will not run Summer Camp at Grove Point in the summer of 2023.
Will GSCB we have a closing ceremony for each camp that is sold and how will I find out about it? Yes, we know it is important to say goodbye. As closing ceremonies are scheduled events will be posted in Double Knot and shared in e-newsletters.
What will happen to the donated bricks at the NRC?

GSCB’s goal is to incorporate the donated bricks into projects at the remaining properties. However, in the coming months we will communicate with all brick donors directly to understand their preference and work to honor it.

What will happen to the benches, tables, etc. at the properties that are being sold? In the coming months, GSCB will begin the process of inventorying all items at each property. Using this, GSCB will determine what items will be reallocated to the remaining properties and what items will be available for purchase. 

Please submit your questions using our Property Decision Feedback Form. We will continue to add your frequently asked questions here. Stop back for updates.

Get Involved and Share Your Feedback

How can you get involved in the long range property planning process and share your feedback with GSCB?

We encourage you to use the Property Decision Feedback Form to submit your questions and concerns throughout this period of change. 

GSCB plans to host a variety of focus groups for girls, volunteers, and other stakeholders as we begin planning enhancements and improvements to Camp Country Center and Camp Todd. The process for identifying participants in those focus groups is still to be determined. Check back here for updates.

Progress and Updates

Come back here to learn about progress in the long range property planning process, enhancements and renovations happening at Camp Country Center and Camp Todd, and more updates.