Board of Directors Update - September
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Board of Directors Update - September

Board of Directors Update

The Board of Directors for Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay meets six times per year to set strategic direction for the council, ensure that GSCB has the necessary resources and provide oversight when necessary. 

At the most recent Board of Directors meeting on September 26, 2018 they discussed the following agenda items: 

1. New Board Members

The Board welcomed new members Pamela Colbert, Michele Hughes, and Kimberlee Ziolkowski.

2. Chief Executive Officer Welcome

The Board also welcomed Claudia Peña Porretti to the Council.

3. Association Chair Appointments

The following were appointed Association Chairs for another term:

Association I: Barbara Lazenby

Association II: Beth Mayson

Association III: Terri Mulliken

Association IV: Denise Matz

Association V: Cheri Stewart

Association VI: Joan Przywara

4. 2019 Budget

The Board reviewed and approved the 2019 Budget.

5. Commitee Updates

Board Committees presented updates to the Board.