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Financial Literacy Badges

These badges help you learn about money-how to make it, how to spend it, how to save it, and how to share it with others.
You can earn one Financial Literacy badge every year you are in Girl Scouts. To see all of the Financial Literacy Badges, click on the image above. 



Cookie Business Badges

Take the skills you've learned doing the Financial Literacy badges and use them during the cookie program to earn your Cookie Business badges.
Each year that you are a Girl Scout, you can earn one Cookie Business badge. To see all the Cookie Business badges, click on the image above. 
Girl Scout Cookie Program Pin and Badges poster (PDF)



The Girl Scout Cookie Activity Pin

The Girl Scout Cookie Activity Pin

All girls who participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program are eligible to earn the annual Cookie Activity Pin, which recognizes the "5 Skills" learned and practiced during the program. Girls can collect a different colored pin every year to recognize growth in these 5 skill areas. After she earns the pin, each girl should be able to discuss how she has earned it. Read more about the Cookie Activity Pin for Girl Scout Brownies to Ambassadors - English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

This award may be given to a girl that has led the way in creating a cookie campaign through critical thinking, team building and problem solving. 

This award may be given to a girl that has led the way in meeting the needs of her customers by developing healthy relationships and using conflict resolution skills

This award may be given to a girl that has demonstrated skill and knowledge in communicating the Girl Scout cookie story.

This award may be given to a girl that has demonstrated leadership by working with others.

This award may be given to a girl that has made her community a better place by using business ethics to reinforce the positive values she is developing as a Girl Scout.



Girl Scout Daisies and The Girl Scout Cookie Program Girl Scout Daisies can earn badges while becoming familiar with the Girl Scout Cookie Program that teaches them lifelong leadership skills. Leaders can help the girls by introducing them to a series of activities which allow them to understand their actions in the cookie program and create their own goals. To get better acquainted,
Girl Scout Daisies can learn how much the cookies cost and learn about the different cookies they will be selling (perhaps with a taste test?). After learning the basics about the product, Daisies can work on their goal-setting skills by setting a sales goal and working to achieve it! Daises can use their hard-earned cookie money to attend council-sponsored events, or purchase fun items in the GS Shop. Find out more ways to introduce Daisies to the cookie program and earn badges by referencing the The Daisy Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting (Count it Up Badge pgs.1-4).  


Girl Scout Brownies and the Girl Scout Cookie Program Girl Scout Brownies continue to work on their “5 Skills for Girls” and earn badges through focusing on their people and customer service skills. Through role play and brainstorming activities, the girls can work to discover who their customers are and how to engage them in conversation. Furthermore, Brownies can continue to develop their people skills by practicing thanking their customers and creatively developing alternative ways of showing gratitude. With the money earned from the cookie program, Brownies can attend Camp Menzies or plan an exciting day out with their troop. To find out more ways to help Brownies build the “5 Skills" as well as earn their cookie sense badges, consult The Brownie Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting (Meet My Customers Badge, pgs. 1-4).


Girl Scout Juniors and the Girl Scout Cookie Program Girl Scout Juniors can take their cookie sales to the next level by focusing on the “5 Skills for Girls,” using them to improve their cookie-selling skills and earn badges. Juniors can work with their troops to set a group goal and then celebrate individuality by creating a cookie booth responsibility list displaying their individual skills to help achieve the group goal. Juniors can also explore how a small business works and gain tips on how to improve their skills as they track their own sales. Finally, they can maintain the people skills they established as Girl Scout Brownies by learning how to make a good impression on their potential customers. Juniors can utilize their cookie money for a girl-led trip with their troop or a fun council-run event. Juniors can consult The Junior Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting (Cookie CEO Badge, pgs. 1-4) to find different ways to earn the badge and continue to foster their skills.


Girl Scout Cadettes and the Girl Scout Cookie Program Girl Scout Cadettes can earn badges which introduce them to the corporate world -- instilling competence and confidence as they take a more professional stance on their cookie goals. Cadettes can find out about brand identity and develop a marketing message. They can also check out the competition and research other products that have a philanthropic mission to broaden their understanding of the product they are selling. With this knowledge they can create a marketing campaign to share the skills they’ve developed. Cadettes can begin to save their cookie money for a destination! or getaway. To find out more, Cadettes should consult The Cadette Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting (Marketing Badge, pgs. 1-4).


http://www.girlscoutshcc.org/gshccadmin/site1/girlscouts/images/product/cookies2012.13/badges/seniors_portfolio.gifGirl Scout Seniors and the Girl Scout Cookie Program Girl Scout Seniors can continue to build their skills as businesswomen by finding out ways to present themselves professionally at their cookie booths. They can create a resume, put together a cookie portfolio
and get feedback about how to market themselves for a job by interviewing different businesswomen in the area. After the program, they can reflect on their experience by writing an essay on what they learned. Their Girl Scout Cookie Program experience can directly benefit them as they begin to interview for jobs and colleges, all the while contributing to their cultivation of business ethics and people skills. Seniors can also use their earnings from the cookie program to work toward international travel, extended backpacking trips and other advanced opportunities for older girls. Find out more ways Seniors can develop practical life skills by participating in the GS Cookie Program in the The Senior Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting (My Portfolio Badge, pgs. 1-3).


Girl Scout Ambassadors and the Girl Scout Cookie Program In their final years of the Girl Scout Cookie Program, Girl Scout Ambassadors can continue to expand their “5 Skills” while gaining practical business experience. As they take a first-hand look at research and development, they can begin to clearly analyze the cookie program and creatively research changes or improvements they could make. They can also analyze sales trends and establish the success rate of their marketing tactics. With this information, they can research other companies and find out how they innovate as well as use research and development to improve their products. Finally, Ambassadors can apply the knowledge gained throughout their years participating in cookie activities to research the Girl Scout Gold Award or Take Action projects and even develop a new way to use cookies in their community. More ideas and a list of badge requirements can be found in The Ambassador Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting (Research & Development Badge, pgs. 1-4).




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