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EB 2022

Time to Come Back! Renew Your Membership Today

Strength, resilience, togetherness, and the support of community - that's what Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay is all about. So in this uncertain world, you can count on one thing for sure: today, tomorrow, together, we are on your team. 

When you stick with Girl Scouts, you're not just giving your girl something to do, you're giving her someone to be. The bravest, boldest, best version of herself. The version of herself that walks with her head a bit higher and acts with confidence. And as she grows, we'll grow with her, guiding her through life's ups and downs, supporting her strengths, and showing her new and exciting paths to take. 

Renew before September 30th to avoid losing access to Girl Scout events, programs and troop opportunities. 


Renewal Resources

Renewal How-To Step-By-Steps and Video Tutorials
Verify Your Email Preferences

Last year, Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay experienced difficulty communicating with our members via email during Early Bird. An unfortunate issue caused by a flawed data migration resulted in the unintentional opting-out of emails for some of our membership. We encourage you to verify your email preferences this year by logging in to MyGS. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for Verifying/Changing Your Email Preferences


Dino-mite Activities for Girls and Troops

Get your Girl Scout(s) in the renewal spirit by completing a dinosaur-themed activity!

For Girls:

For Troops:


General Renewal FAQs

How much are membership costs?


Membership fees for girls K-12 are $45.00. 

$25 is Girl Scout registration fees, this is what every Girl Scout pays nationally to be a part of the Girl Scout Sisterhood. And $20 is Council Service Fees. 

Financial Assistance is available by selecting "Request Aid" during checkout. 


Membership fees for adults/volunteers are $25.00. 

Lifetime Membership is also available to adults, learn more here.

Trouble logging in to My GS?

Q: Why isn’t my username working?
A: Your username is your email address. If you have more than one email address, try each. You can also use the “Forgot Password?” link to send a reset email to your email address. If you’re still having trouble, contact GSCB’s Member Care team.

Q: Why aren’t I getting the password reset emails?
A: The password reset emails come from, so please make sure it’s added to your safe senders list. If you requested the reset email before marking our email address as safe, check your spam folder. If you’re still not receiving the email, contact GSCB’s Member Care team to verify that your username/email address is correct.

Q: How do I reset my password when I no longer have access to the email address associated with my account?
A: GSCB’s Member Care team can easily change your username/email address without requiring you to recreate your account.

Q: Why can’t I see my household when I log in?
A: You may have a second or duplicate account with a different email address. Try a different username. If that works, be sure to contact GSCB’s Member Care team to merge the two accounts into one.

Q: Why can’t I see my troop(s) when I log in?
A: There are several reasons this could happen:

  • Troops are listed on a separate tab from your household. Select the “My Troop(s)” tab to see your troop(s). If you have more than one troop, select the appropriate Troop tab to navigate between them.
  • Check your “My Household” tab to make sure you’re listed as a Co Leader in the troop.
  • Not all troop volunteers can access the troops information in their MY GS. At GSCB only Troop Co Leaders have access to the “My Troop(s)” tab.
  • If your background check has expired, you may lose access until it is up-to-date.

GSCB’s Member Care team can provide any additional support. Please email or call 800-341-4007.

Renewing with Financial Assistance

If you are renewing your Girl Scout and would like to apply for Financial Assistance, you can do so during the renewal process.

  • During the “Confirm Your Details” step, you will be prompted to choose your payment type.
  • One of the payment options is “Apply for Financial Aid”. Choose this one.
  • After submitting the rest of your details, you will receive the Financial Aid application via email within 1-2 business days.
  • Your renewal will be processed once the application is recieved, reviewed and accepted. If the application is denied, you will be notified and instructed to log back in to MyGS and complete the payment for the membership.
Graduated Seniors and Young Alum Lifetime Membership Discount

Each membership year, Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay gifts all graduating Senior Girl Scouts with $25 towards the purchase of their first Adult Membership or Young Alum Lifetime Membership. In order to streamline the process for girls, parents, and volunteers, GSCB has created a unique registration form, MY22 Graduating Senior Membership Gift.

If Troops are gifting graduating seniors with a Young Alum Lifetime Membership, Co-Leaders can use the link above to process the YALM at the cost of $175, receiving the $25 gift discount at time of purchase. The registration form will open on April 1st with a deadline of completion by September 30, 2021.

If you are not a graduating senior, but you are a Girl Scout Alum under 30 and would like to purchase a lifetime membership at a rate of $200.00 (regularly priced at $400.00), visit the Lifetime Member page

Lifetime Member Volunteer Renewal Process

Renewal steps for currently held volunteer roles
1.     Login to your MY GS
2.     Navigate to My Account
3.     Navigate to My Household
4.     Check mark and Troop(s) and Volunteer Roles(s) you would like to renew into
5.     Select “Add Renewal”
6.     Select “Submit Member Details”
7.     Select “Review Cart”
8.     Agree to Promise and Law
9.     Select “Submit”

Renewal steps for adding a new volunteer role
1.     Login to your MY GS
2.     Navigate to My Account
3.     Navigate to My Household
4.     Select “Add a new role” under your participant section
5.     Search for Opportunity Catalog for the Troop Number select the volunteer role you are looking for from the list of available opportunities.
6.     Select “Add Role”
7.     Select “Add Volunteer”
8.     Select the appropriate “Volunteer Position(s)” in the drop down
9.     Select yourself as the member
10.  Select “Submit Member Details”
11.  Select “Review Cart”
12.  Select “Submit”



Questions about renewal? Contact our Member Care team at or 800-341-4007.